How We Work

There is a DIFFERENCE between "re-conditioning" and "Refinishing"!  

Our homeowners realize that stripping the finish off and refinishing a wood door is a time consuming and expensive process and that is why they hire and trust us.  Once the clear coat on doors begins to breakdown from the sun and other element of nature, the wood deteriorates quickly and it is important to take the steps to protect the wood as soon as possible.  That is where we come in!


Sometimes, not liking the way a door is starting to look, the homeowner will try to enhance the appearance of the door by adding more stain or having the door coated with a semi-transparent stain.  

Adding stain or additional sealant over a door that the sealant has broken down and water and sun has begun to damage usually ends up unsightly and will not "fix" the problem long-term.  On most doors we refinish, we are finding that the doors have not been properly "sealed" along the bottom edge where the door sweep is placed over and this is a most vulnerable part of the door where rain is concerned. 



Unfortunately, we are finding that our homeowners often wait too long.

By the time they realize their door needs work, it is too late to save the coating and the whole door has to be stripped and refinished. The bad news is that refinishing a wood door is expensive.


Depending on the intricacy of the door and the presence of side lites or transom, the refinishing cost may range between $425 and $1,300. For a garage door, depending on its size and the condition of the old coating, the refinishing cost may range between $1,400 and $2,500.